August 26, 2010

Undisputed leader in aeronautics, unparalleled example of successful technology, luxurious chartered aircraft for prestige journeys, heads of state and celebrities, the Air France Concorde was the emblem of elegance and refinement "Made in France".

Great ambassador of our country, so many designers dressed it of magnificence! Andree Putman and Raymond Loewy signed the interior decoration, Alain Ducasse developed menus, Jean Patou, Nina Ricci, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix and Balenciaga created the suits for cabin crew.

First and unique supersonic civil transport aircraft, Concorde is forever a symbol of excellence.

What could be more natural than to pay tribute through my collection presented on this web site, more than 2500 items dedicated only to the Air France Concorde and Concorde Prototype.

This collection called "Concordescopia" (*) has a historical heritage since it presents items that do not exist in any aeronautical museum in the world!

Concorde menu signed by Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley - September 1994 (Category / Menus from the 1990's)

(*) Look to the future aeronautic discovery park in Toulouse, called Aéroscopia which will open in 2013-2014.

"Concorde a dream that became reality, an exceptional symbol of excellence. This supersonic adventure, a major advance in the 20th Century will remain for ever not only in our memories but also in our imagination. Part of the human history, starting with Icare myth, Jules Vernes visions, the aviation's beginnings, the space odysseys and the studies about new airships able to pursue our dream of space conquest, it is an essential step in a future yet to become. But Concorde illustrates also perfectly the strong relationships between technology and design, leading in this case to a master piece.
Elected Design item of the XXth century in 2006 as a result of a competition organized by the BBC and the Design Museum in London, Concorde is a perfect testimony of this crossover." Edouard Chemel (*)

(*) Édouard Chemel has made his entire career at Air France, where he joined in 1948 as a ground radio operator. Pilot as from 1960, he became Concorde commander in 1983. When he retired in 1989, he flew a total of 22 000 hours including 2000 on the Concorde.

Attitude Director Indicator (ADI) of a Pre Production Concorde, Sfena, Reference: 66 849 085 00 - February 1973 (Categoy / Instruments from Concorde Development Fleet)

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Machmeter of a Pre Production Concorde, Kollsman Instrument Ltd, Reference: 66 441 054 03 - June 1979 (Category / Instruments from Concorde Development Fleet)